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  #22 - February 22, 2002 - by Thomas Warfield

Sixty Thieves

Sixty Thieves Screen shot of the game Sixty Thieves from Pretty Good Solitaire.
Sixty Thieves

Sixty Thieves is a brand new variation on the old classical Forty Thieves solitaire game. Sixty Thieves is very much like Forty Thieves, with the main difference being that Sixty Thieves uses 3 decks instead of the 2 decks used by Forty Thieves.

At the start of the game 60 cards (the 60 thieves) are dealt out in 12 piles of 5 cards each with all 60 cards face up and visible. The remaining cards from the 3 decks form the stock and turned over one card at a time to a waste pile. When Aces appear in the play they are moved up to found the 12 foundation piles, which are built up in suit in the usual way. The game is won when all the cards are moved up to the foundations.

Among the 60 card tableau, building is down by suit. Only one card at a time can be moved from pile to pile and empty spaces can be filled by any card. It is important to create empty spaces as quickly as possible, and also a good idea to keep an empty space or two available so that cards can be more easily moved around.

Sixty Thieves is a more difficult game than Forty Thieves. The main reason is that there are 5 cards in each tableau pile instead of just 4. This makes it that much tougher to create the essential empty spaces. Also, with 3 decks of cards the waste pile can build up an enormous number of cards, which can bury needed cards even deeper out of play.

Sixty Thieves is a new game that first appeared in Pretty Good Solitaire, released in January 2002. There is very little data yet on what winning percentage you can expect in Sixty Thieves, but it appears that even winning 5% of the time will be a very good score.

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